Fresnel Mirrors w/o Power Supply


170,00 €

Mirrors clearly demonstrating light interference. Laser source 635 nm-1mW – laser class II, Battery box, ground screen, white screen are included.

More details

The Fresnel Mirrors didactic tool is using advanced semiconductor laser technology for better explication of the interference effect. The tool is based on interference of two waves propagated from two planar mirrors. One of the mirrors is fixed and other is adjustable in transversal and longitudinal direction. This allows changing the angle between the two mirrors. The interference image form and parameters are dependent on this angle. The combination of monochromatic light and adjustable mirror angle allows an inclusion of exams, demonstrating the use of interference in praxis by small angles measurement and deformation observation. Using this didactic tool, the interference can be explained more transparently and with active participation of students. Set also includes: ground screen, laser light source 635 nm/1 mW, image screen and battery box (2 x 1,5V for battery size AA). The set consists of: Fresnel mirrors (main part): A – Fundamental board B – Optical radiation source (Laser 635 nm, 1mW) laser class: 2 C – Fixed mirror D – Adjustable mirror E – Adjusting screws F – Optical projecting set Laser type: Diode Wavelength: 635 nm Output Power / laser class: Pmax < 1mW / 2 Dimensions: 400 x 50 x 70 mm

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