Optical Fibre Demonstration Kit


610,00 €

This set demonstrates the behavior of light in fiber optics, information transmission, examples of fiber optic sensors, etc.

More details

The kit was developed to demonstrate light propagation in optical fibers, transmission, receiving and transfer of optical data. This version allows audio and one-way PC-to-PC transmission.

The set contains a basic transmitter and receiver boards with the possibility to connect the following modules:

  • analog transmitter
  • receiver
  • digital transmitter
  • receiver
  • transmitter set with microphone
  • receiver set with amplifier and speaker
  • frequency generator
  • USB receiver
  • transmitter

The set also contains a special holder for fiber optics, a universal AOV meter device, equipment for Tyndall´s light guiding experiment, force plates, bending cylinders, special emeries for fiber preparation, jacketed and unjacketed fibers, power sources and user guide with a set of examples.

The kit also contains video user guide and tutorials about the experiments.

Basic experiments:

  • Detection of the optical signal by the analog receiver
  • Tyndall´s light-guiding experiment
  • Transmission and amplification of sound, whereby the electrical signal is changed into an optical signal, amplified, changed back to an electrical signal, and finally received by the speaker
  • Fiber-to-fiber connection damping measured by using mechanically adjustable holders
  • Transmission of signal from the frequency generator
  • Fiber bend damping measured by using special cylinders to create the bend
  • Optical liquid level sensors
  • Transmissions sensor allowing detecting changes of optical signals between two separate optical ends (could be used as a counter of passing objects)
  • Optical fiber-based dynamometer
  • One-way transmission of a digital signal between two computers through a USB port with the help of optical fibers

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