SPM-W-LS - The Light Source for Spectra 1


298,00 €

Halogen white light source serves for measurement of absorption spectra of different materials. Built in cuvette holder for measurement of various liquid and small solid samples is included.

More details

SPM-W-LS consists of one 5W white halogen bulb light source. It is suitable for the measurement of absorption of various materials spectrums.

The last improvement of the SPM-W-LS is the implementation of an intensity controller, with which you can adjust the intensity of the emmited light according to the needs of your experiment.

SPM-W-LS has a built-in cuvette holder which is also suitable for small solid materials. Cuvettes are plastic tetrahedral containers for the measurement of various spectrums of liquid samples. A cuvette should be inserted into a gap situated at the top of the device. Bulky samples should be placed directly between SPM-W-LS and Spectrometer. 

The set contains:

  • light source
  • cuvette (20 pcs) for measuring spectra of liquid samples
  • power supply 100-240 V AC / 9 V DC

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