VibraAS - Laser Vibrometer


850,00 €

The Laser vibrometer is used for non-contact vibration measurements of solid objects. The laser beam is projected onto the surface of the measured object (tuning fork, DC motor, etc.) at an approximate angle of 45 °. The position of the laser spot is then recorded by sensitive optoelectronic sensor. Software processes and visualizes the measured data and offers the tools for advanced analysis, including spectral analysis. The software features allow students to determine determinate deflections, character of vibrations or dominant frequencies of vibrations. Bundled software can analyze the measured data from vibration sensors and export either raw data or simplified image bitmap. The software also includes functions for calculating the spectrum of measured vibrations. NOTE: For proper functionality the control unit is necessary device. Software is included. The Vibrometer is primarily inteneded for school demonstrations (rather slow, demonstrative movements). The parameters of the vibrometer are as following: Measurement range - 30 mm Resolution - 20 um Sampling rate up to 6kHz usable (max 12kHz) Laser vibrometer is a suitable tool for the detection of: - determinate deflections - character of vibrations - dominant frequencies of vibrations

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